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Pile of laptopsIf you want to know how to take apart your laptop, troubleshoot, repair, fault find or just want an upgrade, Free Laptop Manuals is the place to be.
On this website you will find step by step disassembly guide instructions for many different laptops brands.

The ebook documents are mainly in PDF format with the odd one or two in text format etc.
You can view and download all our laptop manuals, some laptop manuals are packaged in compressed(.zip) folders.

You can save a lot of money, our aim is to give you accurate, relevant information to help you get the job done. Having the information needed to perform routine maintenance and repairs.
We have many laptop manuals available free to download, for lots of laptop brands.

Disassembly guides with pictures and dismantling, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as do-it-yourself (DIY), troubleshooting and tips and tricks for laptop and notebook repairing.

Notebooks are complicated things, but laptop repair isn't as hard as the guys down the repair shop would have you believe. Interestingly enough these service manuals e-books are the same ones that are being used by repair technicians. They refer to these same manufacturer service ebook manuals when they are repairing your notebook for you.

Do you need to upgrade a hard disk drive, memory or CPU of your laptop or notebook?
Free laptop service manuals and user guides will help you find what you need.
Service manuals show you step by step instructions for replacing components, photos for jobs that are specific to a particular make of machine.
Looking for laptop tips and hints, free manuals links, find help troubleshooting, step by step guides, fixes for different makes of machines and piles of good laptop repair info!
Looking for laptop advice, hard drive replacement, data recovery, disassembly guides, bios passwords, laptop overheating, free laptop manuals links, tips and hints how to repair and maintain, step by step guides, check out our Laptop Support Forum where you can find help troubleshooting, fixes for commonly encountered issues on different makes of machines and piles of good laptop repair info!

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